Transit Security

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Providing a sense of safety, security, and service to transit passengers and employees.

Our Customer-Service Approach

Our experience protecting public transportation systems and facilities enables us to create customized security programs for various types of transit agencies, including light rail systems, bus and rail yards, transit terminals and transportation authority centers.

Marksman Security officers are committed to keeping public transportation patrons safe by providing a visible presence on buses, trains and streetcars, as well as transit centers and stations. Officers understand the unique needs and threats associated with transit security and are specifically selected and trained to mitigate potential threats, and appropriately respond to sensitive situations.

The Marksman difference

Best-in-class technology

One of America’s largest security providers

Coast-to-coast operations

Experience with 75 fortune 500 companies

A leader in security innovation

Services we offer in transit security:

  • Control center operations
  • CCTV monitoring and alarm response
  • Mobile security patrols
  • Incident reporting
  • Terminal access management
  • Fire safety and control systems
  • Emergency and terrorism preparedness
  • Fare enforcement
  • Prevent inappropriate behavior
  • Assist riders who may need help navigating routes
  • Act as ambassadors of transit authority rules and regulations
  • ADA compliance

Utilizing proven technology and physical security components, our customizable security solutions clearly distinguish us as a leader in the transit security services segment.

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