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Designing, Implementing, and managing world-class security programs for data centers and critical infrastructures.

Our Customer-Service Approach

At Marksman Security, we understand high-risk facilities need a partner with the experience and capability to protect proprietary data and sensitive information. Our clients trust us to safeguard the integrity of their data centers and critical infrastructures, digitally and physically. Our commitment to delivering operational excellence through customized security solutions clearly distinguishes Marksman as a leader in the critical infrastructure security segment.

Key elements of Marksman’s program include limiting information to only authorized entities; preventing unauthorized changes to or the corruption of proprietary data; guaranteeing authorized individuals the appropriate access to critical information and systems; ensuring that data is transmitted to, received by or shared with only the intended party; and providing security for ownership of information.

The Marksman difference

Specialized security training and compliance

Thousands of weekly staffing hours

Tier 3 and 4 data center experience

Risk and threat assessments

A leader in security innovation

Services we offer in data centers:

  • Security Operations Center
  • Physical Security Management
  • Data Hall/Facility Access Control
  • Campus safety & security
  • Training & compliance programs
  • Rack and roll oversight
  • Incident reporting
  • Mobile patrols
  • Fire safety and control systems
  • Emergency and terrorism preparedness
  • CCTV monitoring and alarm response
  • Multi-factor authentication using biometric technology

Our experience as a trusted partner managing Data Center Security Programs has evolved over several years from your typical Enterprise Data Centers for the Corporate Security segment, to expansive Tier 3 & 4 Data Centers.

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