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Designing, implementing, and managing World Class security programs for Manufacturing, Industrial and Supply Chain facilities.

Our Customer-Service Approach

One of the most important pillars of our nation’s economy and infrastructure is its industrial sector. The industrial security sector is perhaps the most diverse market segment a security officer can be selected to serve. Coupled with traditional security training, our Industrial Sector Security Officers, certified by Marksman Security University, are well versed in the numerous disciplines and tactics most commonly associated with securing sensitive facilities that store, process, design, manufacture, and distribute everything from food and retail products to components critical to military and commercial applications throughout the world.

Day in, day out, and around the clock, our officers are inspecting seals on incoming cargo containers, monitoring pressure and temperature gauges, prohibiting unauthorized access to sensitive areas within facilities, and enforcing policies that prevent the unauthorized disclosure of our client’s protected information and processes. Count on us to be a valued partner no matter the task, no matter the industry.

The Marksman difference

Programs designed to mitigate both EHS and security concerns

Lockout/Tagout and emergency preparedness programs

Access control programs for employees and visitors

Operational experience in over 30 markets across the country

A leader in security innovation

Services we offer in industrial:

  • Access management, badging and credentialing
  • Visitor check-ins and escorts
  • Loading dock operations
  • Fire safety and control systems
  • Emergency management
  • Lighting inspections
  • Job safety analyses
  • Control center operations; CCTV monitoring
  • Incident reporting
  • Foot and vehicle security patrols
  • Loss prevention
  • Employee and visitor searches

Our customers realize the benefit from our Industrial security experience through the best practices we share, specialized security training programs and an in-depth understanding of the challenges in the management of the various segments of Industrial & Supply Chain.

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